This is a fansite.... and why not? There should be many more sites dedicated to him. He's a great musician, often imitated, but never quite duplicated. He's responsible for some of the greatest folk inspired rock songs of our times.

Personal Testimonial: How I got hooked

Previously, I'd been listening to some mainstream Bruce Springsteen classics, like "Born to Run" and "Dancing in the Dark". These types of songs get a lot of radio airplay. One day, while adjusting my radio dial, I heard a beautiful song in that familiar soothing gruffy voice. IT WAS AMAZING. The lyrics were fantastic. It was political. It was deep... and it had a little old guitar twang to it.  

When I tried to look at The Boss's song discography, I couldn't find it no matter how many search engines I used. Due to the futility of it all, I gave up never to think more about this matter, except to wonder occasionally why these new songs lacked the usual Bruce harmonica. It wasn't until months later that a friend pointed out to me that the songs I loved, which I had been steadfastly attributing to The Boss were really the work of John Cougar Mellencamp. 

**Shock upon shock!** When they tried to persuade me, I whole-heartedly disagreed with them: "Wild Nights" and "Pink Houses" were definitely The Boss.  To say naught would be like taking away a great quality from an old friend. I couldn't believe someone whom I had never heard of (having been born in the 80s), this "John fellow" could be as good as Bruce!  

Alas, while it took me a while to turn around, I've been a fan ever since. So, the next logical step is for me to make up with a dear friend: John Mellencamp this site is for you.